Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Succes Story from Tshepo

Tshepo participated in the A2B programme in the early 2000's. Before he started he was a down-and-out victim. Today he called Vivienne out of the blue to say "hi" and to give her feedback on his life. He works as a marketing specialist for a big company and is happily married with a family. He told Vivienne that two of the most important things that he remembers and values enormously is being taught about "truth" and that no one ever believed in him before he joined the programme. The A2B programme has a zero tolerance for deception, lies and manipulation of others. This value has become the foundation in his life and which he spreads to others around him. He said that Vivienne, as the A2B provocateur,  "mothered" him with tough-love, believed in him and pushed him to reach his own greatness to such an extent that today it drives him forward and contributes to his self-belief,  abilities and his responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others. His motivation for moving forward and achieving great things now comes from his switched-on internal volition. Material needs and desires such as the ubiquitous desire for "bling" & smart cars, etc in Africa no longer drive him. Tshepo is one of the hundreds that have participated in the A2B programme who now lives a successful, independent life. 

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