Monday, 3 September 2012


Since its inception, the A2B Movement has exploded, not just in civil society but also in the corporate, industry and retail sectors. Our training has become known as catalysts in the lives of the change makers who attend out workshops. Our various workshops offer the following to corporate, industry and retail sectors.   
  • Raising employee performance capacity
  • Fitting the task to the man
  • Changing organisations into interactive and mutually beneficial ecosystems
  • Dealing with low volition in employees
  • Increasing competency in employees
  • Stimulating enterprising mind-sets in employees

Senior & middle management and supervisors will be introduced to Occupational Intelligence (OI) and understand:
  • OI levels & how it affects employee’s performance capacity
  • OI-levels as it relates to productivity
  • The language of the transformative environment
  • The difference between those who think that they can transform humans and  those who can transformer others into self-sustainable achievers
  • What causes dependency in employees
  • What volition is and identify factors that influence volition in the work place
  • The A2B task and man assessment tools
  • How to apply A2B tools to assess  tasks and sub-tasks
  • How to apply A2B tools to assess the man
  • How to modify the task to fit it to the man
  • How to lower anxiety and heighten volition
  • How to explain task completion and norms to employees
  • What an organisational eco-system is
  • How to assess an organisational ecosystem
  • How to re-engineer an organisational eco-system
  • How to identify power partners
  • How to evaluate power partners
  • How to re-define power partner relationships
  • Etc.
One and/or two-day workshops can be presented at your offices according to your own schedules. We have 8 different workshops but they can be combined according to your needs.

To find out more about the workshops please e-mail