Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So, What's all this about Volition?

Volition describes a person’s inner force, intrinsic motivation and willpower that impels all action and behaviour. This action or behaviour results in the creation of a tangible or intangible product of a particular quality as described on one of the six A2B OI-levels. This score will indicate whether the person is dependent or independent or entrepreneurial in his participation.

Volitional development describes the process by which a client’s internal willpower and intrinsic motivation for action is developed in the vulnerable protege. This process is facilitated by the transformative provocateurs (or parent in the case of a child) and the aim is to develop knowledge, skill, emotional control, internal locus of control, values and beliefs. Volitional development is one of the most crucial components of childhood development which, if matured by the time of reaching adulthood, enables an adult to reach maximum independent participation, self-reliance and social entrepreneurship competencies.

Volitionally broken describes a person who is understimulated/under-developed or hurt in his volition. He has very low or no willpower and his intrinsic motivation is too low to ignite appropriate and competent actions that lead to independence. It can also describe a person whose negative anxiety levels are too high and blocks the volition.

To learn more how to develop someone's volition, order the book "From Dependency to Dignity: The A2B of Community Development". (See the separate post on how to order your copy).

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